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Permit us to whisk you away to a place where you can truly be yourself. A haven that enables you to unwind and regain a sense of balance. An oasis, where you can soothe away the everyday hustle and bustle and discover beauty in a whole new dimension.

Our designs

The material of your dreams

You can now savour SIBU l BATH ART products, which unite the highest standards of design and quality, in the shower. Because as a result of a specially developed process, this delightful range is entirely impervious to water and steam, and can therefore be used throughout the bathroom.

The astonishing depth effect and high gloss surfaces of the SIBU l BATH ART Collection are certain to amaze and will bring your dream bathroom a step nearer. Immerse yourself in our product worlds and allow yourself to be enchanted by their unique designs.


Beauty and functionality in duet

You do not have to make a choice between beauty and practicality because our top quality, easy to clean materials unite both of these characteristics. In addition, they can be processed quickly and tidily, and thus offer clear advantages over standard products.

Irrespective of whether in a renovation or a new project, the SIBU | BATH ART Collection provides time saving and innovative solutions for your very personal dream bathroom.

Large format 2800x1250mm

The aesthetic effect of large areas with fewer joins goes hand in hand with easier installation and cleaning.

Scratch-resistant high gloss surfaces

The easy to clean surfaces of our products result in even greater hygiene in your bathroom.

Extravagant diversity

The wealth of styles and designs contained in the SIBU l BATH ART Collection leaves no wish unfulfilled.

On the spot further processing

The further processing and matching of the sheets can be completed simply using standard woodworking tools.

Straightforward mounting

The SIBU l BATH ART Collection offers quick and clean installation, which saves you both, time and money.

Absolute moisture-resistant

All BATH ART products have been tested and approved for use in conjunction with high humidity and massive temperature fluctuations.

Top quality

SIBU stands for top quality Made in Austria, which emanates from meticulous raw material selection and strict production controls.

Matching profiles

High quality, aesthetic profiles are available for all SIBU l BATH ART products.

Processing instructions

The final step to your dream bathroom

Beauty must suffer? Not with SIBU l BATH ART! Our products can be mounted easily with very little mess and whether in a renovation or a new project, they are certain to prove an equal delight.

Here, you will find precise instructions regarding the individual installations steps, as well as the requirements relating to the preparation of the recipient surface and materials.

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