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BA Genesis


BA Genesis

Paradisiacal beauty

In the beginning is the GENESIS Collection. A range that enables you to create a personal Garden of Eden and hence a paradise that emanates from your own imagination. The collection’s simplicity subsequently reveals itself to be a source of delight and virtually effortlessly, you can discover a special atmosphere of naturalness and freedom. Finally, there is the simple choice between a shower and a waterfall. However, take care! Your senses may play tricks on you!


Data Sheet product composition SIBU BA GENESIS

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Quality, Made in Austria

The SIBU l BATH ART Collection embodies quality that begins with stringent raw materials controls and extends to the very latest production process and reliable delivery logistics. As a result, SIBU represents the most professional partner available for the design of your dream bathroom. Sustainability constitutes SIBU’s number one priority along the entire value added chain. Our production takes place solely in Austria and guarantees surfaces that are entirely PVC-free.

Every SIBU l BATH ART sheet undergoes the strictest final checks and thus meets every demand with regard to design and quality.


20888 / 2800 x 1250 x 2,5


20887 / 2800 x 1250 x 2,5


Discreet elegance or charismatic eye-catchers

Anyone wishing to opt for something different rather than the all too familiar silicone seams, will find SIBU l BATH ART accessories ready and waiting. Precisely placed profiles create stylish touches and form the perfect frame for the timeless beauty of our designs.

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Processing instructions

The final step to your dream bathroom

Beauty must suffer? Not with SIBU l BATH ART! Our products can be mounted easily with very little mess and whether in a renovation or a new project, they are certain to prove an equal delight. Here, you will find precise instructions regarding the individual installations steps, as well as the requirements relating to the preparation of the recipient surface and materials.

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